Monday, October 8, 2012

Carneades on probability

Carneades propose three levels of probability [1] dwlief that has no support from other matters,[2]one supported by other matters and [3] one supported not only by other matters,whick in turn are distinct and lively.
 This accords with modern skepticism. W.K.Clifford admonishes us to rely on facts in our beliefs, which facts are proportionate to the level of need for evidence. Despite that non-pragmatist William James and Ward Keith, that does not keep us in bed;no, we act on that level of need. Some claims require no evidence. Some require extraordinary evidence as does creationism or theism in general.
    Alvin Plantinga's God as a basic idea is lower than the first one,for it rests not only on no support but in contradiction to our conservation -background- of knowledge as God denotes intent whilst, as the teleonomic argument notes, science finds no divine intent so that Plantinga would ignorce science for his argument from ignorance!

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